​Featured Current Property Development Plan:


Nakhon Pathom Gold Club and Resort Project Development

The entire development will construct phase by phase. The first four projects to be started including Nakhon Pathom Golf Club, EcoLake and Vacation House, HML Condominium Complex Tower, and EcoVilla and Resort. The completed project will be a mixed-use developments on approximately 35% of the Total Land Area of 380 Hectares, for Phase I Development. For 65% of the land will be retained as “green” areas to enhance the ecology of the region. it is considered the biggest and most luxurious and ecological friendly development in the province.

  • HML Skyscraper Condominium Complex: 3 Condos 55Fl | 43 Fl | 38 Fl      Land Area: 12.7 Ha (127,340 sq.m)

  • EcoVilla & Resort

       Land Area: 21.4 Ha (214,560 sq.m)| Used: 534 Houses (67, 284 sq.m)

  • EcoLake & Vacation House

       Land Area: 51.1 Ha (511,000 sq.m) | Used: 130 Houses  (27, 625 sq.m)

  • Nakhon Pathom Golf Club w/future expansion plan

      Land Area: 21.3 Ha (213,150 sq.m) | Used: 21.3 Ha (213,150 sq.m)

HML CONDOMINIUM: Skyscraper Condos

55FL (Tower A), 43FL (Tower B) & 38FL (Tower C), total 500 units. The unit access is from a catwalk on each floor or from an interior elevator and lobby floor. Room size range from 80 sq.m - 497 sq.m./ room. Price range from moderate to ultra-luxury, based on the view from the upper floors and the amenities. The designs main purpose is for view of the Gulf Club, EcoLake and Vacation Houses, EcoVilla, Entertainment Centers, and the beauty of mountain views and more.

ECOVILLA: Lowrise Single Family Villa  

It build to be relished, offering idiosyncratic stylish bedrooms, ornamented living room, glass balcony balustrades, designer kitchen, spotless dining area, two ensuite bathrooms, a laundry, a terrace, walk-in closets and a private parking lot. The area is well maintained and fenced. This Villa provides comfort and safety with structured lighting, extensive thermal insulation, and the most modern cloistered impact windows. The astonishing Resorts views with best location-luxury estate both desirable & unique.

​Featured Properties for Sales & Rentals:

01. Nakhon Pathom Golf        Club & Resorts

02. Phuket Ecovillage

       & Resorts

03. Chao Praya Riverview          & Resorts

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  • Luxury 5-star Hotels

      Area: 3.3 Ha (33,650 (sq.m)) | Used: 4 Floors (43, 560 sq.m)

  • Service Buildings-General Public Services shops,

      Area: 8.3 Ha (83,350 sq.m) | Used: 2 Buildings (19, 300 (sq.m)

  • Convention & Entertainment Center

      Area: 18 Ha (180,000 sq.m) | Used: 2 Floors (67, 930 sq.m)

  • Clubhouse

      Area: 13.2 Ha (132,650 sq.m) | Used: 2 Bdngs (26, 930 sq.m)

  • Hospital

      Area: 16.2 Ha (162,000 sq.m) | Used: 2 Bdngs 3Fls (39, 975 sq.m)

  • Swimming Pool

     Area: 14.3 Ha (143,150 sq.m) | Used: 2 Swng Pools (5,325 (sq.m)

  • Tennis Courts Fitness Indoor Stadium Center

     Area: 18.4 Ha (184,560 sq.m) | Used: Building (27, 465 sq.m)

  • Supermarket

    Area: 44.8 Ha (448,340 sq.m) | Used: 3 Fls Blding (56, 448 sq.m)

  • VIP Resort

    Area: 19.2 Ha (192,190 sq.m) | Used: Resort (192,190 sq.m)

  • Family Village

     Area: 3.1 Ha (31,750 sq.m) | Used: 18 Houses (2,376 sq.m)

  • Staff Housing

     Area: 3.3 Ha (33,650 sq.m) | Used: 18 Houses (2,376 sq.m)

  • EcoZoo

     Area: 11.6 Ha (116,530 sq.m) | Used: EcoZoo (2,130 sq.m)



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Project Information

  • Project Name: Nakhon Pathom Golf Club and Resorts

  • Project Location: Don Tum Village, Don Tum District, Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand

  • Total Project Land Area:  >380 HA

  • Project Owner: PROBEG (Project Board of Executive Governor)

  • Project Contractor: Surin Heritage Limited Partnership (THE HERITAGE LP)

  • Senior Project Directors: Mr. CS SAM | Mr. Supote Prasertsri

  • Contact Information: H/P: +66 88 051 3073 (Mr. CS SAM) |Email: theheritagelp@gmail.com

  • Mailing Address: The Heritage LP: 243/11 Moo 17, Salathammasop Precinct, Thaweewattana, Bangkok 10170 Thailand

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